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The Squigs have landed

The Squigs have protected the great castle of Squigtopia from attack for millennia. Now they challenge you to take it from them in this addictive three in a row puzzle game.

The SquigsThe Squigs tribes, who live on the eight moons that circle their faraway home planet of Squigstopia might look cute and lovable creatures, but you're messing with a race of warlike tribes who just love a fight! Now it's up to you to work out how to beat them, lining up the same colourful tribe of Squigs vertically, horizontally or diagonally to get them to explode. Don't let them fill the castle, or the battle is over!

If you're smart enough, fast enough and tough enough you can manoeuvre and rearrange the falling Squigs before they land, build up you skills and deal with the Squigs as they fall faster from the sky and new tribes line up for a fight as you level-up.

Keep an eye out, for power-ups and achievement awards to get the highest score. A secret tribe of Squigs, the Dark Squigs, help you out throwing some serious power-ups like dynamite, their most potent of their weapons; removing a whole vertical line of Squigs as they build their battle lines. The infamous Flashy things take out a single tribe of Squigs; bombs kill small groups of Squigs to relieve the pressure, and powerful electricity can rip across the Squigs lines, taking out a complete horizontal line.

Who are the Squigs?

The SquigsThe Squigs were born in a world they call Squigtopia and as you might expect Squigtopia is a very different place from our own world. It is said that each family of Squigs was born on one of the 8 moons of Squigtopia. Each Squigs family defends their home moon from any other Squigs family, using the different powers they inherit from their moon, falling in one of the four elements of Squigtopia, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.

The lives of Squigs, their powers and personalities have been written in ancient Squigs mythology on which all Squigs laws are based...

Meet the Squigs

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